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life insurance with no medical exam

Mortgage Protection

Suffering a loss is the most difficult experience any family will go through. Coupling this with the prospect of losing a family residence after such a loss, due to financial instability, is unbearable. The convenience of getting a life insurance policy with no medical exam lets you rest assured that your family won’t end up in this position. Buy on your terms, on your time.

term life insurance quotes no physical

College Tuition

We all plan to be the perfect parent. Honestly, the majority of us will be given the opportunity to do so. We will have the chance to raise our children, send them off to college, and be there to watch the graduate. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that not all of us will be there to see this happen. In this event, our proper financial planning and the appropriate life insurance protection can be there when we can’t be.

life insurance no medical exam


Most of us are running or co-running a household that is absolutely dependent on our income. Not only is it dependent on our income to provide for our needs during our working years but after as well. It is, in fact, our working year’s income that is there to fund our retirement and the retirement of those that we love. It is inevitable that we set up our financial obligations around the income that we are contributing to our household and doing so is natural but it is crucial that we protect the ones we love with a solution to replace the income that we our contributing in the even that we cannot.

life insurance quotes no medical exam

Final Expenses

The final expenses relating to the loss of any loved one are significant and the loss of any loved one is an extremely difficult time for every family. With the appropriate life insurance protection in place we can ensure that our families don’t have due deal with any type of financial instability, in the event that they are also are dealing with the loss of a loved one as well.

Life Insurance No Medical Exam

Making Life Insurance Easy

The truth is, we are busy. Getting a traditional life insurance policy is on the list and it has been on the list for a long time but every time try to start a policy it seems to be a twelve step process in order to get covered.

First of all, the agent wants to schedule an appointment for you and your spouse in your home to determine your financial needs. If and when an agreed amount can be found, which seems high to you, the agent wants to return to review the illustrations between the carriers they represent because each of them offer a unique endorsement or rider.

If you have made it this far then you know, the application process begins and when I say process, I really mean process. First of all, you will begin by signing the application and paying the quoted amount. Don’t forget that this also comes with a sit down meeting to sign the life insurance application after you have met with the agent to determine your needs, met again to review, and again to sign.

But of course it is time to start paying since you signed, and now that you have signed and started paying, the medical exam can be scheduled to be completed to determine the actual issued rate of the policy.

Times have changes and the process needs to be changed as well. This is why life insurance with no medical exam is a great solution. You can now get your rates online, and if, and only if, you like the price then you move forward with the application process. And when I say application process, I mean confirm the information that you have submitted with an agent for the policy that you are requesting to purchase, electronically sign, and the insurance company takes it from there.

Standard reporting will be pulled to confirm documented driving record and medical record activity and the policy is issued. There will be no medical exam. All you need to do is be truthful on the application and you will be set.

No Medical Exams - No Meetings - Just Life Insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does the quoting process work?

We look at the process a little bit differently in our attempt to offer our customers the best consumer experience. This is precisely why we leave our quoting platform available to the public.

Most companies believe that if they collected consumer contact data on each rating they will be able to make more sales. This actually is likely true. But we don’t make sales at

We process orders. These are the orders that our consumers are requesting to be processed. So yeah, we don’t make as many sales. In fact, we don’t make any sales. We simply assist consumers in purchasing the life insurance policies that they would like to purchase. It is actually that simple.

How do the health tiers work on no medical exam policies?

The health tiers on traditional life insurance and life insurance with no medical exam function in the same way. The health tier that you would be rated with the standard policy should be the same tier that you will select for the no medical exam policy. By doing so you will make the issuance process easy when the insurance carriers pull the available reporting for medical and driving records.

If I like the price, what is next?

As you will see we do not collect any contact data from our consumers during the quoting process. If you see a rate that you like and are ready to move forward, please select the apply option. This will let you submit your contact information for distribution to an approved licensed partner agent.

From here, the partner agent will assist in prepping the application in the carrier system. After completion, the application will be sent for electronic signatures to the email that you have provided.

What records do the insurance companies verify?

After submitting an application for no medical exam life insurance, the insurance carrier will work with their contracted reporting partners to confirm the information submitted. Included in the information that is confirmed are your medical records and driving records.

All information submitted for an application should be listed truthfully and honestly in order to get the appropriate rating during the application process and well as to avoid any issues that could arise from the contestability period on each policy.

Life Insurance
No Medical Exam